Dwayne Johnson – The Rock Refuses To Reveal Private Life


Actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is refusing to reveal the identity of his current girlfriend, because he’s fiercely private and wants to keep his personal life out of the spotlight.

The former wrestler split from his wife Dany in 2007 after 10 years of marriage and the pair share a nine-year-old daughter, Simone.

Johnson insists he is still friends with his ex-partner, who acts as his manager – but reveals he has found love again.

He tells Cnn’s Piers Morgan, “(Dany’s) happy in a relationship. I’m happy in a relationship too. But it’s so incredibly loving and seemless what we have and the best part of that is the example we’re showing our little girl.”

However, Johnson refuses to divulge any further information about his mystery lover: “I can’t tell you that (his girlfriend’s name), I’ve got to keep it private. It’s important to me. Privacy’s important to me…

“The relationships I have, regardless of who it is – whether it’s my girlfriend, ex-wife, little girl, friends, whatever… it’s always been important to me to be private and live privately. How do I manage to achieve that? Easy… I live far out outside of Hollywood. I have a farm on the east coast I like to go to get away… Don’t go to restaurants you know paparazzi are going to be. I don’t go out.”

But although Johnson is keeping the name of his girlfriend a secret, he admits he’d like to marry again in the future: “I love relationships and again I honour the relationships I’m in today so sure, I’d be open to it (marriage).”


I’ve only got one thing to say that it’s been enough said about this particular subject…regardless of what people have seen or heard at this point people should stop prying for answers.  I don’t understand why they keep trying  to  get that wildfire going. Leave the man alone! If you obviously see him with a particular someone, that’s his business whether some of you agree with it or not. I myself try keeping my network sites strictly business because of endless mean spirited bullshit that I’ve been wrongfully accused of saying because of those anal bitches on “THAT OTHER DWAYNE JOHNSON CENTRAL ON PROBOARDS!” Yeah, I talking about luvjordieo  AKA ‘Cassy Affleck’ and her cult followers. Without getting to far off in the left field, its tragic shame that someone would piggy-back someonelses fan page to spread their garbage. That is what I call a coward!  Anywho…back to business… now let’s talk about Sunday’s main event WrestleMainia 27! Who’s with me ya’ll!!!